Photonics Formula Reference for Scientists

Innovation Photonics is pleased to provide this quick-reference guide to photonics formula for scientists, academics, technologists, engineers and developers. The guide includes images and formula text for Snell's Law, Brewster's Angle, for determining displacement through a principal plane, angular displacement through a prism, and much more. There are 17 formulae listed total.

Click here to view the full reference guide.


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About Us

Innovation Photonics was launched in December 2009 by Don Wilson, a pioneer and multiple-patent awardee in photonics (precision optics, engineering and design, isolators, fiber-optic configuring devices, telescopes) since 1964.

Don Wilson
Don Wilson

InnPho specialized applications include mid-IR and quantum-cascade laser applications; focusing objectives for launching into fibers; polarization in the mid-IR, with calcite polarizers limited to 1.9 μm, and YVO4 to 4.8 μm; and wide-band polarizers covering 2 μm to 12 μm.