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INNOVATION PHOTONICS (InnPho) was launched in December, 2009, by Don Wilson. Don has been in the photonics arena (precision optics, engineering and design, isolators, fiber-optic configuring devices, telescopes) since 1964. Don has been awarded a number of patents on isolators, fiber-optic devices and optical components.

Don Wilson

Don Wilson

The current focus of InnPho is on applications requiring uncommon optics. For example, of immediate interest is the mid-IR, for which interest has been expanding, especially since the development and availability of quantum cascade lasers. In brief, there is a lack of optics that are specifically designed for use with QC laser applications in the mid-IR, such as focusing objectives for launching into fibers.

MID-IR ISOLATORS… with our history of development and manufacturing of optical isolators, we introduce in 2012 our new Mid-IR Isolators, and also announce our entry into custom-made isolators.

Polarization is another area of interest in the Mid-IR, with calcite polarizers limited to 1.9 μm, and YVO4 to 4.8 μm. InnPho’s new Wide Band Polarizer covers 2 μm to 12 μm.

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