Photonics formulas: A quick-reference guide for scientists and engineers

Innovation Photonics is pleased to provide this quick-reference guide to photonics formulas for scientists and engineers. The guide includes images and formula text for: Focusing a Laser Beam to a Minimum Spot, Location of Principal Plane, Proper Orientation for Best Imaging, Sagittal Height of Spherical Influence, Brewster’s Angle, Critical Angle for Total Internal Reflection, Neutral Filters Density vs. Transmittance, Object-Image Relationship, Plane of Incidence, Rules on Signs, Total Reflectance, Two Thin Lenses, Angular Displacement Through a Prism, Deviation Through a Small Wedge, Displacement Through a Parallel Plate, and Snell’s Law.

Click on each image below to view a full-size version.

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