4 mm aperture

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This high performance, utility-sized isolator economizes on space requirement while utilizing novel design features that greatly reduce production costs, thus enabling a selling price that is far below competing products.

Our Mid-IR Optical Isolators eliminate the annoying effects of feedback in laser applications and systems, operating at specific wavelengths from 4 μm to beyond 14 μm.


4.5 μm Isolators, 4 mm aperture
4.5 μm Isolators, 4 mm aperture

Wavelength Tunable +/-10%
Transmission 75% to 86%
Isolation 10,000:1 (40 dB)

Other wavelengths available in utility-sized package.

The high transmission, high extinction polarizer is a size-reduced version of our PGC-5 WideBand IR Polarizer (see page 6). This Polarizer is characterized by extremely low insertion loss and extremely high extinction ratio.


Aperture Transmittance Isolation Total
FIO-4-4.5 4.0 mm 75-86% > 10,000:1 ∼ 2″ Discuss


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