Twist-On Collimators for VIS-NIR (425 nm – 1550 nm)

Twist-On Collimators connect quickly to FC or SMA connectorized fiber cables to produce a collimated beam.

Twist-On Collimators contain a micro lens that is designed for diffraction-limited performance. Both surfaces of the lens are antireflection coated, with >98% transmission at the peak wavelength.

Focal compensation for different wavelengths is achieved by a simple hand adjustment of the ne-threaded spring loaded focusing barrel.

Twist-On Collimator
Twist-On Collimator


Catalog Number Focal Length Output Beam Diameter Clear Aperture Numerical Aperture
FCC-2-λ 2 mm 0.5 mm 1.5 mm 0.30
FCC-5-λ 5 mm 1.0 mm 2.3 mm 0.25
FCC-8-λ 8 mm 1.6 mm 3.3 mm 0.22

λ: When ordering, specify wavelength for AR coatings

Twist-On Collimators are available with a choice of different focal length Lenses as follows:

Connector Focal Length Fiber Type Best Collimation
Distance at
FC 2 mm SM 2 cm to 50 cm
FC 5 & 8 mm SM 5 cm to 1 m
SMA 5 & 8 mm MM 1 cm to 2 m


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