MID-IR Collimators for SMA Connectors (2 μm to 12 μm)

The same AR-AR coated ZnSe micro-lens used in our Mid-IR Focusing Objectives is used in our Mid-IR Collimators. These are designed to connect to SMA connectorized IR ber cables.

Our Mid-IR Collimators are focusable so as to compensate for different wavelengths. These are available “as is” or mounted in the 1-inch diameter Cell, which in turn mounts into our HTP Tilt Plate Positioner or any 1-inch laboratory X-Y stage.

Mid-IR Fiber Collimators
Mid-IR Fiber Collimators
Catalog Number Focal Length Clear Aperture Numerical Aperture
FCR-6-λ 6 mm 0.5 mm 0.25
FCR-12-λ 12 mm 1.0 mm 0.13
FCR-18-λ 18 mm 1.6 mm 0.08

λ: When ordering, specify wavelength for AR coatings.

A comment on Numerical Aperture… think of the NA of the fiber as a cone or a funnel… if the light rays are at an angle that is smaller than the cone angle, the light will get through the fiber.

2NA = d/f
d = laser beam diameter
f = focal length of lens

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